Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I am going to write you this poem off top of my head with no editing here goes

it is always bad to look up blogs of men you have dated
late at night when you are alone
and that sick rush you get when you find the poem
about you
that says you are not the shining flower
he once thought

though i never knew he thought i was either shining or a flower
nor that i had disturbed him enough to write a poem of this kind about

i wish he had told me to my face
how he felt untrusted
and about the way he perceived me
and then the way it changed
i would like to tell him directly too
but all that is left for me to do
is write this and post it for everyone but him to see

and maybe for him, too
and maybe for him whom i once called you
as my petals drop and furl to crisp dark shreds


  1. you make the most beautiful art, you've always made me the most touched or inspired i can ever get by art. it means a lot to me because art is something i really need in my everyday life. thank you so much and do you have any advice on finding the courage to write an honestly felt story and squishing all your doubts <3
    ps your books always made me feel like i was beautiful and worth loving, and its so easy to forget that when youre pretty much a freak growing up haha. i love you

  2. just write don't be afraid reach deep inside and pull out what you really feel you are beautiful and worth loving

  3. Francesca - YOU are beautiful and worth loving.

  4. i will. youre amazing thank youu. for everything ^-^ <3 <3

  5. ugh, i hate when i do that (in my case no blogs but stuff like facebook and what not) it's never good to look up that kind of stuff, ya always read something or see something you'd rather not have. BUT you have beautiful children and we all just have to swallow that sour feeling and look at all the great stuff we DO have in our lives. I'm sure you already know that, just offering some support. One day if i ever get anything of mine published I want to send it to you, as a kid that had looked up to you in the past and as an adult that looks up to you now I just want you to know that your books have given me comfort so many days that i felt sad and lonely and have inspired me in countless ways <3

  6. there it is again, for me, all in the last paragraph. rock on!

  7. I'm jealous that the first things that weave themselves from your mind are beautiful & touching. I love your poetry!!!

  8. Thank goodness you are not his "shining flower", you so much more than just THAT!

  9. i hope he stumbles upon this, just so he knows. ♥

  10. Stumbled upon. It wasn't about you (this is true).