Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flirting with Disappointment

Flirting with disappointment

Disappointment has good shoes
Thick black combats and rubber soled brothel creepers
Frankentstein boots from Japan
I fetishize them but what’s the point?
They can’t give me what I really want

Disappointment apologized for something misconstrued
But he had made it clear
He didn’t want to sleep with me
Until he was in love
Which could take years he said
or a mere
So why am I still waiting for him to invite me to the masquerade ball
where I, hiding in my antique sequin gown and silver filigree Venetian mask,
can pretend I do not seek
a kiss?

All the roses in the garden have been cut
Just some thorny sticks poke out at me
My daughter shouts I hate you
And my son weeps for my eyes

I must not give up
On any of this

But as for Disappointment?
Perhaps I’ll find
some shoes instead


  1. can i take those thick soled shoes, & kick disappointment in the balls? then perhaps run off bare footed, or slip on some sandals, to play with enchantment instead?

  2. I love this. Holy, thank you Francesca. I definitely had a my-daughter-saying-I-hate-you kind of day. Your poems always give me a little extra breath and something to think about. You are so great, I hope you know that.

  3. your poems always inspire me, thank you for writing this