Sunday, January 15, 2012

Black coat sweep me up into your woolen folds
Against my bare thin arms I feel your warm dense skin
Wrap me up like the food in spongy injera bread collard greens and lentils and yams scooped up
Drink me like his mouth on red wine
Carry me along the cold sidewalk to the bright hotel lobby
Parquet floors and floor to ceiling bookshelves leaded glass and wood paneling milky domes of light
Rest on the back of my chair the back of my gold dusted bony shoulders
Feel me beating inside you listen to my story of loss and pain and the kind of love that makes your bones ache and your organs feel too big
Take me home hold me in the warm car so the chill dissolves like mist when I tell you I am afraid kiss me into silence with a mouth that tastes somehow like my secret places, meat and wine though he has not tasted them
hoist me against you keep kissing me kiss me again on the sidewalk press your wanting against my pelvis so I can not mistake it when I walk across the street stop me in the center grab me kiss me again promise me nothing except the memory of your inebriating embrace


  1. Gorgeous, and so f'in on. Love this.

  2. This makes me want to grab my husband and kiss him breathless. <3 In other words, intoxicating.