Sunday, January 1, 2012

love in his dinosaur pajamas, love in her black cashmere, love in the same basketball jersey he's worn for days, love in freshly washed puppy fur, love in the exact moment of becoming a woman two hours before the clock strikes midnight
love walks in wearing a family of three, dryad and centaur and a small tree elf
bringing organic champagne
love eats pizza and chocolate chip cookies and ice cream bars
lentil soup with yams and butternut squash kale and onion and coconut oil
love snuggles under blankets on couches beds and mattresses on the floor in a room lit with the sub-marine glow of fairy lights
while i strut painless in my new cognac leather boots tucking love in, putting love to bed
everywhere i turn i can see love clearly through the lenses of my new glasses
while you, invited to love's party but unresponsive, stand alone on your ladder in your bowler hat overlooking a broken wall
into another universe where perhaps love has another name

1 comment:

  1. I really like this to start off the new year. The descriptions are fantastic as always and somehow make ordinary events magical.

    (I was trying to find your fanmail address to write you a real letter instead of email, but this will do :) )