Thursday, January 5, 2012

Love plays in the surf with his children
Who are like statues of young gods in a museum brought to life
Love’s eyes that same murky jade as waves fraught with particles of debris and shadow
I hear his words in my mind sometimes
rhythms imitating those of my own convulsing body
I can’t let him come here take me to dinner sweat beside me on a mat
Let alone in my bed
Can I?
There’s too much at stake for both of us and so I wait for Music
To be less elusive
Which rarely if ever occurs
For if you were Music would you make plans
Hold children in your arms say I love you
Just those three words simple and straight?
Or would you vibrate among the stars speaking only in secret messages
Breaking hearts but never admitting
being broken?


  1. you can do whatever you want, but is waiting for music & love futile? wouldn't they say, (whoever they is, or they are), to create your own? which you've done before, & continue to do, with your words, daily.

  2. The last two lines are so beautiful!